Bang Tao Beach – Thailand’s Paradise

As we have already written in our Phuket beaches guide, it is absolutely up to you to decide which one is the best. But our favorite is Bang Tao. Learn why Bang Tao beach on Phuket is our choice here in this article. Check out its top attractions, restaurants, nightlife spots, things to do on Bang Tao and a lot more.

Beachside Activities on Bang Tao Beach, Thailand

Well, we can’t but mention this first. Bang Tao boasts of one of the longest beaches in Phuket – an 8 kms long strip of pure white sand fringed with trees that create a pleasant shade, and then surrounded by a slightly sloping landscape. Most of the coast is occupied by Laguna Phuket Resort, however, it won’t prevent you from swimming and sunbathing almost wherever you wish.


The gentle breeze is what makes Bang Tao Beach on Phuket popular with surfers. Even experienced surfers can enjoy this activity here, especially in Layan Beach on the northern part of Bang Tao, which is rather exposed, and in the low season from April to October. And don’t worry if you are a newbie in this kind of sports – there are companies or just locals that offer lessons, and you can rent a board almost in any place along the beach.

Thanks to the fact that it is quite a long beach, you can catch different types of waves here, including the weakest. This gives an opportunity to learn and enjoy surfing to the very beginners, including children and teenagers. Here your kid can even take part in surfing contests where the smallest children are allowed, from four years old and older.

Anthem Wake Park

Let’s go on with beachside activities and move to wakeboarding. Anthem Wake Park is a place that will suit anyone, from a beginner to those who enjoy tracks with obstacles. Even pro teams from around the world come here to get some training, so we bet this is for a reason.

Things to Do on Bang Tao Phuket


Feeling tired after a day of swimming and sunbathing? Together with your family and friends, you can relax playing golf. We suggest you two places to enjoy this activity:

  • Bang Tao beach boasts of Thailand’s best golf course (World Golf Awards 2015) – Laguna Golf Phuket. It is an 18-hole, par-71 golf course located on the territory of the already mentioned Laguna Resort. Here you can play golf games of any complexity, while chatting with your friends, sipping a cocktail and enjoying the superb views of the surroundings.

  • Phuket Adventure Mini Golf is the ideal place for those of you who enjoy mini golf. It is a classic 18-hole golf course located in the southern part of Bang Tao. Besides, this place also hosts a cafe where you can enjoy delicious food of international cuisines.

Phuket International Riding Club

The club offers horseback riding leisure for any type of companies – from couples seeking a romantic experience to those who want to take horse riding lessons to families with kids.

Elephant Trekking

The elephant is the national symbol of Thailand, and riding on the back of one of these giant animals is very popular among tourists of all ages, since it’s an exotic experience for a westerner.   

Wat Cherng Talay

This is a perfect destination for cultural tourism. Located in the Cherng Talay village, this Thai temple is its spiritual centre. Wat Cherng Talay is a complex consisting of five main buildings, featuring a harmonious blend of Buddhism and Hinduism in the best traditions of Thai architecture.

Best Dining and Nightlife Spots

Fine dining and nightlife are definitely one of the best things to do on Phuket’s Bang Tao Beach, as it boasts of numerous places offering specialties of both European and Asian cuisines, traditional and signature cocktails and superb shows featuring best DJs, live music, dancers and a lot more. And of course, a special word should be said about beachside cafes, clubs and bars.

Catch Beach Club on Bang Tao

And in this category Catch Beach Club is a renowned leader. Being one of the top world’s beach bars on CNN’s list, this is a place where you can enjoy an exclusive beach with comfortable loungers and sofas, first-rate service, fine dining, barbecues, and music.


Generally considered as one of the best fine dining places on Bang Tao, this is certainly the beach’s must visit. Thanks to the chef Pablo Blattman, who studied culinary arts in France, the restaurant boasts not only of world-class service and interior but also of dishes of both Asian and European cuisines that definitely deserve Michelin stars.

Black Cat

Want to spend an evening in an authentic Thai dining spot? You can hardly find a better place for this purpose on Bang Tao in Phuket. Featuring bamboo and wood furniture with tropical plants as a part of the interior, Black Cat offers welcoming atmosphere and delicious food.

360 Degrees

The design of this open-air restaurant features comfy sofas and glass tables. What makes 360 Degrees a perfect choice for a romantic dinner or some other special occasion is the restaurant’s location – it overlooks the bay and views of sunsets from the terrace are breathtaking.

All these activities and attractions make Phuket’s Bang Tao beach an ideal choice for any type of company, be it a family with kids, a couple enjoying their honeymoon or a group of friends. And that is why we chose Bang Tao for Seventh Sky’s location so as to make your life here a pure pleasure.

Bang Tao Beach