Ultimate Phuket Beaches Guide from Seventh Sky

Phuket is a place where everyone can feel relaxed and happy, from families with small kids to avid party-goers. Depending on your needs and preferences, you might find one particular beach more suitable for you than the others. To skip you the trouble of choosing by trial and error, we’ve sorted out most popular options by several criteria and created a Phuket beach guide.

Top Beaches on Phuket for Family Vacation


In this category, Kata is unanimously a leader. The reason is its little kids friendly sandy beach with especially shallow and flat sea bed. Besides, it is fringed with palms that create a comfortable and cool shade even during the hottest days.

As you can see from the map, Kata is located just a few minutes away from Karon beach. It is divided into two major areas located one above another: Kata Centre and Kata South. It has a number of attractions:

  • Dino Park Mini Golf;
  • Karon-Kata viewpoint with its restaurants and bars overlooking the bay;
  • Boathouse Oceanfront Cooking Classes;
  • Wat Kata Temple.

Besides that, Kata is also a popular pick among surfers who come here in low season, from April to October. If you are a newbie in this kind of sports, we suggest you visit Surf House Phuket. This is the place where you can takes surfing lessons and practice everyday of the year, whatever the weather is.


Being one of the longest beaches on Phuket after Mai Khao and Bang Thao, it is also the second popular after Patong. Here you’ll find a wide range of hotels, from low-budget to boutique. Your kids and you can indulge in a variety of activities on the beach, from jetskiing and waterskiing to wakeboarding to riding a banana boat.

Besides that, a number of other attractions make Karon a pleasant place to stay:

  • Wat Karon Temple;
  • Karon Market, Karon Bazaar and a variety of other shopping places;
  • Thai cooking classes;
  • Spas and Thai massage.

Nai Harn

Located in the southern part of the island, Nai Harn might seem a real paradise to those seeking places far away from busy districts. The beach is lined with sea beds available for rent, and the trees right above them create a pleasant shade. Here, your kids will be safe even if the weather gets a bit rough – you can move to a shallow channel connecting Nai Harn Lagoon and the sea. And if your kids get tired of swimming and sunbathing, you can take them to the lagoon, where they can enjoy themselves on the playground.

Top Beaches on Phuket for Snorkelling

Tropical climate and crystal-clear water make Phuket alluring for snorkelers. And there is no doubt that the best place to enjoy this activity is the islands. Some of the best snorkelling locations around Phuket are the following:

  • Coral Island;
  • Similan Islands;
  • Phi Phi Island;
  • Bon Island.

Don’t worry if you don’t own a private boat – there are a lot of tours provided both by travel agencies and locals that will drive you to the location. And here is a tip for you: be sure to buy a simple snorkeling mask and perhaps a pair of flippers in advance, as renting this equipment at the spot will cost you nearly that much. However, if you are serious about snorkelling, you’d better take your time and choose professional equipment that will serve you long.

Banana Beach

Located north to Bang Tao, this one is so far one of the least known on Phuket. However, those who get here are rewarded with a quiet uncrowded beach and particularly clear water.

Ao Sane Beach

It is located between the already mentioned Kata and Nai Harn, which by the way themselves are good for snorkeling, this beach is a great place for this activity. However, this place is not so popular with families with kids, and for good reason: the beach here is full of rocks.

Popular Beaches on Phuket for Nightlife


Located north to Karon, Patong is a very popular destination for tourists, probably thanks to the cheapest hotels on Phuket located here. It is a perfect location for those who enjoy lively nightlife. However, if you are looking for a vacation with an authentic touch to it or are not accustomed to crowded beaches and pushy salespeople, then you’d better choose another option.

So, if you opt for Patong, here are a couple of attractions to keep you busy and entertained:

  • nightlife: Bangla Road, Illuzion Discotheque, Seduction Complex and Simon Cabaret are must-visits;
  • Surf House for those who would like to learn or practice surfing;
  • Flying Hanuman is a fun and sporty way to explore the Phuket jungle;
  • Kathu waterfall;
  • Patong boxing stadium;
  • Phuket Wake Park is an ideal place for those looking for unsurpassed wakeboarding experience.

Seventh Sky’s Pick

We might be a bit biased here, but our best pick is Bang Tao, the second longest sandy beach on the Phuket island. It takes the best from the ones already described, making for a destination perfectly suitable for any kind of leisure, be it a family vacation, nightlife or shopping. Want to learn more about Bang Thao? Check out this complete Bang Tao Beach guide from Seventh Sky.

So this was our guide on the most popular beaches around Phuket. Of course, this division is a bit rough, as almost every option offers the usual stuff like local food, Thai massage, night bars and clubs, and well, the sea. So sometimes the difference might seem somehow elusive to you. If that is so, feel free to contact us and leave feedback!